NASA Aerospace Trivia Game

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NASA Aerospace Trivia Game is an activity designed to reinforce cadet aerospace knowledge using a format that includes cognitive competence, manual skill and random game elements. Objective: Reinforce Aerospace knowledge using a fun activity. The Aerospace Game activity was developed by 2Lt Delton Price, Santa Fe Squadron DCC. The trivia questions were taken from the NASA Aerospace Education site.

Round Party Balloons Masking Tape, Chalk, Marker or other appropriate way to create the gaming area Typing paper to make paper airplanes Answer Cards (enough for each contestant to have one set) Printed on heavy card stock Quiz questions for the moderator to read aloud Hoop, table or other appropriate target for paper airplane launch

1. Use Masking tape to make 21 steps on the floor
2. Set up the paper airplane target
3. Give each contestant a set of answer cards, a balloon and a sheet of typing paper
4. Instruct contestants to construct a paper airplane of their own design.
5. State that questions will be read followed by four possible answers. Contestants will select their answer cards and all hold them up together when instructed to do so.
6. Instruct contestants to take their position on the first line.
7. Moderator reads questions 1 thru 4. Contestants move forward for correct answers.
8. Instruct contestants to blow up their balloon and hold.
9. Moderator reads question 5. Contestants move up one space for correct answers.
10. Instruct contestants to let go of the balloon. Contestants move up two spaces if balloon flies forward, and back two spaces if the balloon flies backward.
11. Moderator reads question 6 thru 10. Contestants move up one space for correct answers.
12. Instruct contestants to launch airplanes through hoop (or land on table, etc) Contestants move up four spaces for "good" flight, or back two spaces for a "bad" flight.
13. Moderator reads question 11 thru 20 or until a winner is determined.

Fun and Easy NASA Trivia

1. Who was the first human to walk on the surface of the moon? A) Chuck Yeager B) John Glenn C) Neil Armstrong D) Alan Sheppard

2. What was the name of the first artificial satellite to orbit the Earth? A) MIR B) Sputnik C) Explorer D) Fireball XL5

3. What is the largest planet in our Solar System? A) Mars B) Jupiter C) Earth D) Europa

4. What is the event called when the Moon passes directly between the Sun and the Earth and casts a shadow on the Earth's surface? A) Solar Eclipse B) Lunar Eclipse C) Cislunar Occlusion D) The End of the World Instruct contestants to inflate their balloons and maintain pressure.

5. Which country sent the first human into space? A) USA B) USSR C) Japan D) Roswell

Instruct contestants to release their balloons and take their new positions.

6. What does NASA stand for? A) National Association of Solar Area B) National Aeronautics and Space Administration C) North American Space Agency D) New Age Stuff Administration

7. From which state are the Space Shuttles launched? A) New Mexico B) Texas C) Florida D) Lunacy

8. Name the first Space Shuttle that traveled to Earth orbit? A) Atlantis B) Columbia C) Discovery D) Enterprise

9. Which manned space program came before the Apollo program? A) Gemini B) Voyager C) SST D) Titan

10. Which planet is known as the Red Planet? A) Jupiter B) Pluto C) Mars D) Betelgeuse Instruct contestants to launch their paper airplanes and take their new positions.

11. Cassiopeia is the name of a; A) Galaxy B) Nova C) Constellation D) Car

12. About how fast does the Space Shuttle travel on orbit? A) 625mph B) 17,600mph C) 65,000mph D) Escape Velocity

13. Who became the only person to hit a golf ball on the Moon? A) Alan Shepard B) John Glenn C) Neil Armstrong D) Tiger Wood

14. Name a country other than the United States that is building part of the International Space Station. A) Canada B) Russia C) Sweden D) France

15. What do you call a rock that enters Earth's atmosphere from outer space and reaches the ground? A) Meteor B) Meteorite C) Meteoroid D) A Very Hot Rock

16. What is the closest planet to the Sun? A) Mercury B) Earth C) Venus D) Pluto

17. What do you call the pulling force that keeps us on the surface of the Earth? A) The Atmosphere B) Gravity C) Weight D) Super Glue

18. What is the name of the Galaxy in which we live? A) Andromeda B) Milky Way C) Galactose D) Alpha Quadrant

19. What is the name of the rocket that launched the astronauts to the Moon? A) LEM B) Atlas C) Titan D) Saturn 5

20. Where did the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo spacecraft land when they returned to Earth? A) Florida B) Pacific/Atlantic C) Houston D) Roswell, NM



Fun and Easy NASA Trivia Answers
1. C) Neil Armstrong 2. B) Sputnik 3. B) Jupiter 4. A) Solar Eclipse 5. B) USSR 6. B) National Aeronautics and Space Administration 7. C) Florida 8. B) Columbia 9. A) Gemini 10. C) Mars 11. C) Constellation 12. B) 17,600mph 13. A) Alan Shepard 14. All Four Choices are Correct 15. B) Meteorite 16. A) Mercury 17. B) Gravity 18. B) Milky Way 19. D) Saturn 5 20. B) Pacific/Atlantic