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Aerospace Education

Aerospace Education


AEO's and AEM's click get your STEM Kit. Select:

Astronomy, Flight Simulator, Robotics, Rocketry, Remote Controled Aircraft.  Do it now before its two late.


New Mexico Wing Conference

Aerospace Education Award Nominations deadline

Sept 1

New Mexico Wing Annual Award Nominations.  You know deserving individuals throughout our Wing who have served effectively-- and many times, beyond the call of duty. All Senior members and cadets, you have some of those same deserving individuals in your own squadron-- and no one else may ever know that they are deserving.  The only way those individuals will ever have an opportunity to be considered for a NMWG Annual Award is for you to nominate them.  You know they are deserving and that they stand out from others serving in those same roles throughout our Wing.  Please take the time to nominate them for the award they deserve! We use the wing conference awards for our nominations to Region.

 The Frank G. Brewer, Sr. Civil Air Patrol Memorial Aerospace Award



 Established 31 Dec 1959, the Brewer awards serve as a memorial to Mr. Frank G. Brewer, Sr. and his lifelong interest in aviation, youth, and education.   Recognition is given to individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions, out of selfless devotion, to the advancement of youth in aerospace activities. Nominees are evaluated on CAP program support, significance of accomplishment, community involvement, and support of all facets of the aerospace education mission. Nomination forms are found in CAPP 15, Aerospace Education Officers' Handbook.

This award is presented annually in four categories at both the regional and national level.
The four categories for this award are:

  • Category I - Civil Air Patrol Cadet Member
  • Category II - Civil Air Patrol Senior Member
  • Category III – Individual or Organization outside of Civil Air Patrol
  • Category IV - Lifetime Achievement

Any member or unit may submit a Brewer nomination for any category.  Nominations must be submitted to the wing DAE by 15 January.  For more information, see CAPP 15.
Frank G. Brewer Nomination Form

 Awards for Senior Members & Cadets

 National CAP Awards and Achievements:  This document was created for all Civil Air Patrol members as a resource of information about those individuals for whom achievements and awards are named. The biographies were gathered from many sources and respectfully compiled so that future CAP members could understand the history and meaning behind these prestigious awards and achievements.

 It's never to late to get your Brewer and teacher awards in for this years 2014 Wing Conderence. Look in CAPP 50-15 to forms. 

Cadet Achevement 3 Mary Fiek attended several New Mexico Wing conferences and Aerospace Extravaganza.


19 year old Mary Fiek inspecting her design of a Captivair for a WWII P-51

 New Mexico Wing Aerospace Education

Director of Aerospace Education: Ltc. Roland Dewing             This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Internal Aerospace Education: 2lt Jane Lingenfelter            This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

External Aerospace Education: Ltc.Ted Spitzmiller  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
New Mexico Aerospace Education advisors:
   CAP 1lt. John English (Space Science)
     (Data engineer on Mariner mission to Mars)
   CAP Capt. Ken Johnston (Apollo Specialist)
   (Trained Apollo Astronauts to fly lunar module, Canadate for MarsOne)

   AEM Jerald Cross (Model Rocket Specialist)
   CAP Capt. David Braddi (Radio Control Specialist)
   Col. James Novell

Southwest Region AE Chief of Staff:   Ltc. Beth White

      New Mexico Squadron Aerospace Education Officers

Alamogordo Composite Squadron 073       2nd Lt. Andrew Kemna
Meeting: Seniors 1st Tuesday 1900    Cadets Mondays 1815
Albuquerque Heights Composite Sq. 083   2nd Lt. Mary Fox
Meeting: Thursdays 1830
Albuquerque Senior Squadron II 030           Ltc. Darrel R Knutson
Meeting: 2nd Wednesday 1900
Clovis High Plains Composite Sq. 060        SM Yvonne Gurnick
Meeting: Seniors 1st Tuesday 1900       Cadets Thursday 1800
Eagle Cadet Squadron 012                                1st Lt Richard Streit.
Meeting: Thursday 1900
Farmington Composite Squadron 068          Maj. Alta Zenonian
Meeting: Seniors 1st 3rd Monday   Cadets Mondays 1830
High Desert Composite Squadron 085          Ltc. Roger Lenard
Meeting: Mondays 1830
Las Cruces Composite Sq. 024                        Ltc. Alan Fisher
Meeting: Seniors 1st 3rd Thursday 1900     Cadets Tuesdays 1830
Los Alamos Composite Sq. 016                       Lt. DeWayne Britton
Meeting: Seniors 3rd Tuesday 1800 Cadets Mondays 1800
Rio Rancho Falcon Composite Sq. 077         Maj. Jane Lingenfelter 
Meeting: Thursdays 1900
Roswell Composite Sq. 082                               Maj Thomas Clarke
Meeting: Mondays 1900
Santa Fe Composite Sq. 018                        Cpt. Roger A Tennant
Meeting: Tuesday 1830
Socorro Composite Sq. 084                                Maj. David G Finley
Meeting: Thursday 1830
Taos Senior Sq. 006                                  
Meeting: 2nd Thursday 1800
Thunderbird Composite Sq. 033                        Dr. Chuck Wood
Meeting: Tuesday 1845

              Group 800 (School program)

Eagle Ridge Middle School        Sq. 805            Cpt. Paula S Blagrave
LBJ Middle School                       Sq 811 
           Cpt. Michelle L Noyce
Rio Rancho Middle School         Sq. 817 
           Cpt. Robert Will
Tony Hillerman Middle School   Sq. 818            2nd Lt. Garland Harris
 Belen Middle School                    Sq. 819           Maj. Ralph Johnston


National Headquarters Aerospace Resources:
AEO Schools, reports Awards for senior, cadets and Teachers, AEX Awards Program,
AFA Grants, Teacher TOP, Model Rocketry Program, Publications

Links to other Aerospace Related Web Sites:

Air Force Association AFA
Air&Space Smithsonian
We Choose the Moon
Centennial of Flight Commission
Utube videos  Col. Joseph Kittinger Felix Baumgartner
Last B36 now at Pima was at Amon Carter Field Ft Worth 
Starship Schemtics
Free Flightsimulators  Article on X-Plane, FlightGear and Orbiter - view information, screenshots and download directly from the article.
Unusual Looking Aircraft


Senior Member AEPSM (Chuck Yeager Award)  Download and study each chapter of  "The Journey of Flight 2nd Edition" in e-services "Aerospace Downloads", or purchase the "Journey of Flight" book from Vanguard. Take the open book test on National web page, CAP University. Your accomplishment will be automatically credited to your CAP record and you can print out the Chuck Yeager Certificate. 

 Aerospace Web Sites:

The Teacher Orientation Program (TOP) workshops we have held for 2012. We will have more in 2013, watch this page for information on the next

Albuquerque KAFB, Saturday February 28 2012
39 teachers attended 

Las Cruces Airport, Saturday April 28th 2012
30 teachers attended

Hobbs, NM   June 25th  2012
30 teachers attended 

Next TOP November 3 2012  
18 teachers attended

We held our second Aerospace Extravaganza Oct 12-14  

Aerospace Extravaganza II 
40th Anniversary of Apollo Space Program
Over 100 CAP members across the state including El Paso Texas attended
Where: Alamogordo, NM
Hosting: Alamogordo Composite Sqdn  (Senior members Did a terrific job hosting the event. Here's the activities

Friday, 12 Oct – Cadets/Seniors worked with the Space Museum. Museum was     celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo Space Program!!!!! Cadets/Seniors provide help to school students making and launching air pressure rockets. Manned the Civil Air Patrol booth. Cadets met Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmitt and overfiled the IMAX theater presention "Reno Air Races". Cadet C/MSgt Darsey had lunch with astromaut Harrison Schmitt. 
Saturday, 13 Oct–  AE/Apollo Space Program Presentations by Cadet C/MSgt  Ruth Darsey and Maj. Ken Johnston. Cadet Darsey did two 45min presentions on the history of the apollo program and Maj. Johnston who trained the Apollo astronauts to fly the luner module including astronaut Harrison Schmitt talked about his experances in the Apollo program.   24 New cadets received their first Power orientation Ride. The evening finished with a DDR presention by Capt. Helen Green.
Sunday, 14 Oct – Finished the weekend with breakfast and clean-up. Departure around 1000. Everyone had a safe weekend.